JLB Group and Subsidiaries


In 2006, JLB International established its first branch office in the United Kingdom.  Today, with offices in Birmingham and London, we provide premium freight forwarding services for customers requiring weekly cargo consolidation from the UK to the Caribbean. In addition we offer fortnightly shipping service to the USA, Canada, Central and South America, India and the African Continent. We offer special services for returning residents seeking to repatriate to the Caribbean.  


Free Assessment: We offer a free assessment and consultation service to customers who wish to ship their personal effects and household furniture between the UK and the Caribbean. Our staff is available to offer professional and experienced advice to customers who ship items including foodstuff, clothing, motor vehicles and bikes between destinations.

Door-to-door Service: We take the hassle out of shipping to ensure your move home to the Caribbean goes as smoothly as possible! Our agents are available to pack your household items for shipping to ensuring the delivery of your goods to your new address in your new country of residence. We ensure the off-loading of your container or less-than-container-load shipment at your door.

Returning Residents Services: We educate our customers about the repatriation process, and how to qualify for Returning Resident status in their new chosen country, before they leave the UK. Our team/agent will accompany them on arrival in their destination country, for the interview with the local customs department, to ascertain the returning resident status; thereby making them eligible for any duty concession allowed.


If you are shipping goods from the UK, regardless of where in the Caribbean you are located; you simply need to notify your supplier to “Ship with JLB” and save yourself the VAT. Your goods are received either in our Birmingham or London warehouse and subsequently exported to the Caribbean in our weekly consolidated container. Full-container-loads can be loaded at your suppliers’ warehouse under our supervision or at any of our UK depots. All your export processing is done and fees advanced by us. Commercial shipment to Jamaica and Trinidad can be shipped on a Freight Collect basis.


Our Procurement and Sourcing team promises to deliver cost savings and efficiencies to all our buyers! No matter our small or how large, we understand that every order is urgently required. We keep the process of sourcing and procurement very simply, by introducing potential suppliers to buyers, based on their product interest.

ISOCON-JLB International Limited

ISOCON-JLB is a partnership between JLB International Limited and Scottish Firm ISOCON Engineering Limited. "With the objective of being one of the Caribbean’s most efficient ISO tank maintenance and servicing company. ISOCON-JLB International Limited is fully equipped for internal and external ISO tank maintenance."

Our ISO Tank Services include: · Tank Testing · Cleaning · Recertification · Calibration · Repairs · Refurbishing · Leasing · Polishing · Offsite Tank Maintenance & Equipment, Depot Storage · Fleet Management.

JLB Compete Caribbean Video

Beverly Johnson, Owner of JLB International Limited, speaks about securing a 2012/2013 Compete Caribbean Grant for the formation of subsidiary ISOCON-JLB International Limited.

Visit the ISOCON-JLB International Limited website for more information.


​JLB International Shipping (Canada) Ltd, a subsidiary of JLB International Ltd; a leading international  freight forwarding Company in Jamaica and the UK, has opened its doors in Toronto Canada, offering competitive rates and quality professional service to importers, exporters of special projects, returning residents, commercial movers and individual shippers. Through our network of global agents and offices, we are able to facilitate any move in and out of Canada, to and from the Caribbean, Europe, The Far East, Africa and Asia. JLB International Shipping (Canada) Ltd, a very reliable agency, here to facilitate all your shipping needs.


Enterprise Caribbean Inc Ltd are  importers, distributors & foreign manufacturers' representative  of authentic select brands of caribbean processed foods.

JIFNET (Jamaica)

Johnson's International Freight Network is our warehousing, packaging supplier, and relocation company. Our primary services 1. To supply packaging material for exports to the jamaican exporting community and port operators; 2. expat and diplomatic relocation globally & domestic removal

JIFNET (Trinidad)

JIFNET Integrated Logistics Ltd (Trinidad)  offers international freight services and oversized cargo handling.

For more information, visit the JIFNET website.

Packaging Plus

Packaging Plus supplies mainly Agro- processors with packaging materials, and a wide variety of other businesses with custom packaging solutions to meet their unique needs. Our extensive range of packaging products includes eco-friendly options, such as biodegradable and recyclable materials, to support sustainable practices in various industries. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and timely delivery, Packaging Plus has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable packaging solutions.